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Marriage is Murder

80min  |  Stage  |  Comedy


Production Description:

Marriage is Murder is an ensemble dark comedy murder

mystery around the perilous task of finding a life partner.

Siyena, a jaded marriage detective shows up at a wedding

to collect an overdue payment, only to find herself in the

middle of a murder. Now she and her trusted assistant

Kasandra will have to find the killer amongst them while

trying to answer what love looks like in this modern age

Marriage is Murder

Key dates & Locations

Show nights: 1st-4th November at The Brady Arts Centre, part of the opening show at The Season of Bangla Drama Theatre Festival (4 nights including 1 matinee)

Other Dates

• Deadline for Expression of Interest: 29th Jul 2023

• Deadline for Taped Audition: Friday 4th Aug 2023

• Call back Auditions: 10th Aug 2023 afternoon/evening in-person @ London E1

• Cast Table Read: 17th Aug 2023 in-person @ London E1

• Workshop: one session between 21st-23rd Aug 2023 @ London N20

• Cast Photoshoot on 15th Sep 2023 @ London E1

• Evening Rehearsals: 1 day a week from 25th Sep - 5th Oct 2023

• Full Rehearsals (half-day) 2 days a week from 12th Oct - 28th Oct 2023

• Dress run, technical runs 30th & 31st Oct

• Show night 1st Nov-4th Nov 2023

• Additional Matinee show 2nd Nov 2023

Flat Fee: £900 Inclusive of travel
Please send taped audition to:

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